Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Your Home A Haven: Planning and Errands

As I try to catch up with the Make Your Home A Haven series at The Homespun Heart, I will talk a little bit about planning and errands.

I am a planner at heart. From the time I was in high school, I loved to plan meetings, dances, events, etc. This has served me well as a mother! I am always thinking ahead to the next day, week, and year. I think about and start to plan birthdays, holidays, parties, and projects often months in advance. Of course, all of my day to day work as a mom needs a lot of planning as well.

For years, I have used a desk top planner. I would fall apart without my calender/planner! It is important for me to hand write things on my schedule rather than type them into a computer . . . dates and events seem to stick better in my brain when I have written them down. In my planner you will find activities, appointments, to do lists, grocery and shopping lists, menu plans, homework assignments, birthdays, holidays, milestones, phone numbers, ideas . . . pretty much EVERYTHING we do as a family. The key to my success of my planner is that I look at it SEVERAL times a day and it sits in a prominent place in my home. I keep my planner on my hutch in my dining room. This area has become my "Command Station." I keep my calender, a magnetic message board, a project basket filled with the books and activities we are working on, a notepad, and pens and pencils:

This year, I selected a hot pink Mom Agenda. While this is not my favorite planner I have ever purchased, it is very pretty! The best planners I have used in the past are week at a glance planners with large spaces to record activities and appointments with additional space for notes, lists and menus.

I always keep my planners in a special place when I am done with them for the year. They have become my diary and journal. Every so often I flip through them and look at what we were doing at that time. From the day I met my husband, to the day we found out we were pregnant, to the day one of our babies first said mama, I have a record of all our memories!

Running errands has been increasingly difficult with every child we have added to our growing family. I often wish every store had a drive-thru! I am sure at one time or another every mother with little ones has cringed at the thought of strapping her babies into a car seat and dragging them through the grocery store, the post office, the bank, Target, Wal Mart . . . (fill in the blank here with all the places it is hard to take your little kids!) After baby #3, I finally smartened up and decided to hire a babysitter once a week. She watches my 2 younger girls while I volunteer at the school for an hour and then run almost all of my errands.

The key to running my errands is good planning. I always keep four separate running lists: one for the grocery store, one for Costco, one for Trader Joe's/Whole Foods, and one for Target or Wal Mart. I try to combine my errands as best I can. I often jot down a "road map" of where I need to go and what I need to do so I can save on time and gas!

How do you plan your days and run your errands?

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