Monday, August 20, 2012

Freezer Smoothies

We absolutely love smoothies in our house!  They are an easy way to pack in great nutrition, and they are very kid-friendly.

We like a variety of smoothies, but this summer our recent favorites were:
1. Whole apple, frozen banana, strawberry, chia seeds.
2. Strawberry, frozen banana, chia seeds, whole milk plain yogurt with a dash of homemade vanilla.
3.  Peaches or blueberries, frozen banana, chia seeds, and whole milk plain yogurt with a dash of homemade vanilla.

I was able to use a lot of local produce that we picked ourselves or bought from the farmer's market.

I almost always use frozen bananas because they give the smoothies an added creaminess. I buy a lot of bananas when they are on sale. When they get brown, soft, and mushy, I throw them in a Ziplock bag and freeze them. 

I also like to make green smoothies by adding veges like spinach, peas, or carrots.  For the frozen smoothies, I stuck to fruit because I have a feeling they would be a dull gray color after I defrosted them.  I am not sure dull gray smoothies would be attractive to my young kids!

I love these BPA free Ball brand freezer cups.  I use them to make freezer jam and to portion and store grab-and-go snacks. I have seen them at Wal Mart and Target.  They are also the perfect size for freezer smoothies!

Today, I made a triple batch of smoothies and froze them.  As the school year starts, I will pull them out the night before to use for breakfast or snack!

What are your favorite smoothie concoctions?

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  1. heather thank you for posting this. Rylan mentioned that he wanted to eat more smoothies , and I think if I put them frozen in his lumchbox, they will be thawed enough to eat by lunchtime. Liz