Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make Your Home A Haven: Chores

Chores . . . I really do not like that word. We often use the word chore to mean something we must do or something we are forced to do. I chose my vocation as as stay at home mom. My husband and I did not spend much time talking about it. We just knew that was what we wanted for our family. The work I do around my house is something I enjoy (most of the time). I complain, grumble, and sometimes whine about it, but homekeeping is my job and I love it. Housework is not a chore but a true labor of love.

I have mentioned before that I use the Fly Lady system. It has worked especially well for me. With 4 kids ages 6 and under, I do the best I can! When I am pregnant or have a baby under the age of one, I just do the minimum for survival. At the moment, I am not pregnant and my youngest baby is 19 months old so I seem to be getting a little more done these days. Here is a peek at my chore schedule:

The following are my morning, afternoon, and evening routines. These are the things I feel I must do DAILY in order to keep to keep our home tidy and running smoothly:

Morning Routine

1. Wake up at 6:30, pray, and read
2. Shower and dress to shoes
3. Swish and swipe bathroom
4. Make bed
5. Put apron on
6. Start load of laundry
7. Check calendar for day's activities
8. Start dinner preparation
9. Empty and reload dishwasher
10. Eat breakfast and take vitamins


1. Tidy living room
2. Vacuum
3. Continue dinner preparation
4. 15 minute declutter
5. Hot Spots
- Dining room hutch
- Stairs
6. Fold and put laundry away
7. Take 20-30 minutes to myself

Evening Routine

1. Lay out clothes for tomorrow
2. Check calendar for next day and review dinner plans
3. Spend 15 minutes clearing off Hot Spots
-Clear toys from living room
-Clear everything from steps
-Clear living room hutch
4. Shine the sink
5. Put breakfast items and vitamins out
6. Pack backpacks and lunchboxes
7. Wash face, moisturize, remove contacts, and brush teeth.
8. Read.
9. Go to bed no later than 11:00 p.m.

The following are my weekly chores. I do not do every item on the list for that day. I like to have a master list so I can chose jobs that need to be done at that particular time.


**Food shopping

**Clean Kitchen
- Empty frig/freezer
- Clean stainless steel
- Wipe down garbage can and lid
- Wipe down countertops/hutch
- Clean hutch glass
- Organize cabinets
- Sweep and mop floors
- Clean sink
- Clean stovetop
- Wipe down walls


**Clean Bedrooms

- Change and wash sheets
- Dust
- Clean mirrors
- Sweep and mop floors
- Empty garbage
- Organize/declutter drawers and closet
- Organize hall closet
- Water plants


**Clean Living Room
- Dust
- Clean TV/mirrors/pictures
- Organize toys/books
- Organize hall closet
- Clean carpets
-Clean couch covers
- Vacuum

**Clean Dining Room
- Clean mirror
- Organize cabinets
- Sweep & mop floors
- Wipe down table and chairs

**Front Entrance
-Clean front door
- Mop entrance

**Sweep & mop stairs

Errand Day

**Run errands and volunteer at school

Financial Friday

**Work on bills

**Balance checkbook and review budget

**Look for ways to reduce bills

Family Fun Night and Date Night

**Clean bathroom

**Prepare and plan for Family Fun Night and Date Night


**Plan menus for week

**Clip/organize coupons

**Plan grocery list

**Clean out refrigerator

** Review pantry and freezer

So tell me . . . what does your chore list look like?

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