Friday, January 15, 2010

Family Fun Night : UP

One of my goals for the long winter ahead was to plan weekly Family Fun Nights. This past weekend, we were looking forward to watching the movie UP that the girls received as a gift for Christmas. We started the night by making homemade pizza. This is a huge hit in our house! The girls each made their own individual pizza. Apparently, they made Carl and Russell shaped pizzas.
There were almost no leftovers!
After dinner, we watched UP. We laughed and cried. This was definitely one of Pixar's best movies. The highlight of the night were the UPcakes we made. I made a dozen cupcakes and some icing:

I found this idea in the November 2009 issue of Family Fun. I downloaded this template and made Carl's house:
I added some ribbons and . . . .
We had lots of fun! My little sister is staying with us for a few weeks so she got in on the fun, too.
The UPcakes were super yummy!

We are looking forward to this weekend's Family Fun Night . . . Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs!

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  1. Drool!

    What an inventive way to take a movie beyond the watching and turn it into a family night! UP is one of our family's favorite movies too (it's so quotable, cute, and awesome!)