Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Budding Environmentalists

After a nasty storm a few weeks ago, many people have begun to remove trees that were damaged.  Earlier this week, our neighbors cut town two beautiful, old, large but damaged trees . . . and unfortunately every other tree in their backyard.  This did not sit well with my girls.  At one point, my older girls had our 21 month old chanting, "Don't cut down tree."  This morning I found this:
I have always taught our girls to respect the Earth and our resources . . . I think they are listening!

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  1. so sweet! nice to meet you; I'm here from Kids say the darndest things.

  2. I grew up in Phoenix where trees are rare, and I feel sick when I see a tree cut down. It takes so long to grow them and they're so beautiful.

    Clay Rosary Girl
    had a great idea for a tee shirt: I'm a tree hugger (with a picture of a guy hugging the cross).

    Thanks for joining us this week. Hope you can come back another Friday! :D

    In Christ,