Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beauty in the Small Things

Our challenge this week for the Make Your Home a Haven series at The Homespun Heart was to add beauty to our homes.  This was quite simple as I had just returned from Trader Joe's with two beautiful and inexpensive bouquets of spring flowers.

I had also just put out some of my spring decor:
I got to thinking about what truly makes a home beautiful.  My definition of beauty is probably very different from yours.There are so many TV shows, magazines and blogs dedicated to "beautiful homes."  Don't get me wrong - I watch them and read them in search of inspiration but I do not let them define what makes my home beautiful.  You see, by modern standards, my home is incredibly small for 6 people.  I am okay with that.   Our furniture is old and quite worn out from the abuse of four children and many pets through the years.  I am okay with that.  The things I use to decorate with are very inexpensive.  I am okay with that.  Our house is lived in  . . . it is quite used.  I am okay with that.  So, when thinking about the beauty in our home, I decided carry my camera thoughout the day to capture what I see as beauiful.  You may or may not agree, but I am okay with that :) 

My children had the day off and they built a fort, played with their dolls and made crafts in the living room.  Do not get me wrong - I shudder when they start to pull everything out at once but they had FUN today.  They barely argued for several hours and I was able to happily cook and bake for them. That is beauty in my home.
Later in the morning, we went out to play and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I found my 3 year old proudly  picking flowers  . . . in her pink cowboy boots.  That is beauty in my home.

The beds were made today. The rest of the room may have been messy but there is something about a made bed that makes things right.   (And I am sure some will notice that the bedspread does not coordinate with the wall colors.  I am okay with that.)  That is beauty in my home.

When someone shows appreciation for something I did for them like making some yummy granola .  That is beauty in my home.

Homemade birdfeeeders.  That is beauty in my home.
My beautiful and favorite rosary beads at my bedside.  That is beauty in my home.
Being forunate enough to be surrounded by good literature and people who appreciate it.  That is beauty in my home.
Photographs and memories  . . . and lots of them.   That is beauty in my home.
And a few reminders of those incredibly special people who passed before us.  That is is beauty in my home.
I am thankful for having the opportunity to reflect on my abundant blessings today.  I am so grateful that I took the time to appreciate the beauty in this day . . . the day was calm and I was intentional.  Where did you find beauty in your home today?

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  1. I love them all---especially the homemade bird feeders. What a great idea!

  2. Your home is beautiful and so are those cowboy boots!
    The sun is shining through the windows in my home today. If that isn't beauty enough, the forsythia, lambstails and daffodils brought in from the garden help a bit too.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely, peaceful Easter weekend.

  3. What a lovely post. I came here via the link at Monica's. Your flower picking 3 year old is adorable in her cowboy boots and your bird feeder is very springy. :)

  4. Oh your home is wonderful. We are just like you pretty much everything we have in our home we have had for years, it was given to us or I found it at a garage sale. But when people walk in our home they tell us it feels so homey like they are welcome to stay a while. I love that. Nice post

  5. Thank you all for such kind comments! I hope you have a blessed Easter!

  6. What a beautiful post!! I love it. Wonderful perspective.