Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Enchanted Fairy Garden Birthday

We recently celebrated our first baby's 7th birthday. All of a sudden she seems like such a big girl! That day, I made her classmates our favorite chocolate angel food cake cupcakes for her birthday snack. I promise to post the recipe soon!

We also celebrated as a family that evening starting with her favorite meatless dinner of stuffed shells and salad (it was a Friday night during Lent). I was searching for a while for an appropriate seven year old birthday theme when I received this month's issue of Family Fun. As soon as I saw the cake, I knew this would be perfect . . . An Enchanted Fairy Garden:

I knew she would love this theme because we really enjoyed painting and planting our Wee Enchanted Garden this past summer: I borrowed the gnome from the garden and he made an appearance on the cake. Otherwise, everything else was edible from the houses to the mushrooms! I chose to decorate the table with pink and green items I was able to find at the dollar store.

Topped off with some balloons (also from the dollar store): A great time was had by all, especially our sweet birthday girl!

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