Saturday, July 7, 2012

Have you tried Shrub? You should!

We try very hard to eat as locally as we can.  Recently, a friend introduced me to Tait Farms Fruit Shrub.

I was immediately turned off by the name.  Then she told me the ingredients were fruit, white vinegar and organic sugar.

Wow, was I wrong!  Mix 1- 2 tbsp. of shrub with ice and sparkling water and you have a very refreshing drink on these hot, summer days! Not too sweet or tart . . . just right!

My husbands loves to run and swears by shrub after a workout.  My girls start cross country practice next week so I will definitely be making it for them, too!

I love to add a splash of fresh lemon or lime.  Some other uses . . . drizzled over fruit salad or blended with cream cheese.  Yum! 

Do you eat fresh, eat local?

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