Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had a rough day today. I took my "petite" toddler to the pediatrician today for a weight check and found out we should have "further testing." I was notified by our credit card company that our interest rate was jumping through roof despite the fact that we ALWAYS pay on time. We had a bill that we paid in a timely fashion returned because we accidentally put our own address in the envelope window . . . which cost us a big late fee. The kids were antsy and a little crabby in the afternoon . . . and the evening. I have have a dentist appointment tomorrow . . . and I scheduled my three year old's FIRST dentist appointment . . . at the same time.

Day is almost over but I am still GRATEFUL. I may not be able to articulate what I am grateful for at the moment but at I am GRATEFUL!

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