Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Easy Halloween Craft for Kids: Pumpkin Planter

My kids bring home a lot of crafts from school, the library, and pretty much everything else they do. And they love it. I obviously cannot keep everything. I have a folder for each of my girls with projects that are special to me. I also save some art for family members. Everything else ends up in the recycling bin or garbage. Every so often they do an activity or create a craft that it . . well, a little useful.

My three year old made this Pumpkin Planter at Harvest Class:
She really enjoyed cleaning out the pumpkin, decorating it, and planting the little plant. We also brought the pumpkin seeds home to bake. By the way, we put the plant in a yogurt container so it is easier to water. It is a nice addition to my autumn decor!

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