Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Crafting with Glitter Pumpkins

I have been inspired to make some new decorations for the house as the weather has gotten drastically colder in the past week and the daylight is getting shorter. I saw the following idea on one of my favorite blogs, a long time ago. And then this week I received a Martha Stewart daily craft idea in my email that included these lovely glitter pumpkins. I knew it was time to make them!
I purchased (using the weekly sale and a coupon, of course!) five craft pumpkins, some sponge paint brushes, Martha Stewart Glitter Glue, and Martha Stewart Glitter in red, orange and brown. I poured a glass of red wine, put on some jazz, and got to work.
I glittered the stem with brown. If I were to do this again, I would have just painted the stem brown for ease.I worked a little at a time, allowing the glue to dry.I think the end result turned out very well! I placed them on our red hutch in our dining room. My girls were so thrilled when they woke up the next morning - they love anything that sparkles! This was such an easy and relaxing project. I plan to do some more glitter projects for Christmas. The Martha Stewart glitter was so nice to work with. It is definitely not your children's glitter. It had a rich creaminess about it - I could not resist running my fingers through it:


  1. Those pumpkins turned out beautifully! Seems easy enough, too, which is what I need!! (I jumped over from Faith & Family =)


  2. I love these pumpkins! I have the Martha glitter and glue - I just need the pumpkins. What a fun kids project too!

  3. These are absolutely adorable! I dont have enough time this week to do this, but definately something to look into next year.