Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming Back

After taking a two year blog break, I have decided to come back to my blog that I loved writing.  In April of 2010, we learned that we were pregnant with baby #5.  Pretty soon thereafter, I was feeling pretty sick and very tired so I decided to put my blog to the side for a while.  On January 25, 2011, our sweet baby boy was born :)
And yes, you read that right.  He was 9 pounds, 13 ounces born naturally!  The past 16 months have been an absolute joy for us.  His big sisters love him dearly.  It is so much fun having a boy in the house! Here is our big boy today:
Our girls are growing so fast as well.  Here they are today:
So, we are still very BLESSED and very BUSY!  The last two years have been tiring but I have been enjoying cooking and homemaking as much as ever!  In the coming months, I hope to post some great recipes and projects that I have been working on :)  Hope to see you soon at Blessed and Busy!

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