Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day Of School Celebration

Grace started First Grade this morning and was filled with excitement. Erin starts Kindergarten next week and is very anxious to get started. After Labor Day, I will start working with Mary as she begins her homeschool preschool. I wanted to do something special in the morning, but like most mornings, we were just struggling to get everyone in the car and out the door. Luckily today was my day with my babysitter. Last year, I started hiring our WONDERFUL babysitter to come weekly so I could run errands, clean, relax, or have a lunch date with Dan. While the baby always comes with me, it is still so much easier than bringing all the girls with me on errands. Anyway, I took this opportunity to prepare a special First Day of School dinner celebration. The girls love Chinese take-out but I always cringe when I order it because I have a feeling it is not the healthiest meal on earth. I decided to make Happy Family Sesame Chicken from the Dinner Diva, Leanne Ely, at I added some brown rice and mandarin vegetables. The girls enjoyed using their kids chopsticks. Of course, we needed fortune cookies to top off the meal. I also made a tray of brownies with frosting as an extra treat.

I wanted to get the girls a small gift to commemorate the start of school. In a "Chinese take-out container", I placed a prayer card with a prayer for students, a pin of the Blessed Mother, and a small cross to wear with their uniforms. I gave Mary a small puzzle that she and I can work on together. Everyone loved their meal and gift. This was a wonderful yet simple idea that the girls will remember for a long time!

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