Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to School In Style

As school is back in full swing, I wanted to share some of our favorite "green" school accessories. We absolutely love our Laptop Lunchboxes from These bento-style boxes allow me to pack a waste-free, colorful, and nutritious lunch. They include four individual containers with two lids, a dip container with lid, utensils, and a drink bottle. I also pack a cloth napkin. To let the girls know that I think about them all day, I always try to pack a little note of love and encouragement. The girls usually finish most of their lunches, and if they do not, I can always see what they actually ate. Often times, they finish whatever is left in their lunches as soon as they get home because their lunch period is so early - 10:40 a.m.! We also love reusable sacks in lieu of plastic snack bags. I got these cute sacks on through Kathi's Kreations. They are large enough to hold snacks or sandwiches. The top is secured with a generous strip of velcro so nothing slips out. We also chose these cute personalized backpacks from Land's End. With a coupon and free shipping, I was able to get these for about the same price as the backpacks at Target. The start of the school year has been great so far. Grace and Erin have started soccer with Coach Dan/Dad teaching them new skills. They are also starting Daisy Scouts soon. Grace chose to take a cheer/gymnastics class, and Erin chose a tap class. Mary and I have started homeschooling using some Sonlight curriculum and some Catholic Heritage curriculum. We have really enjoyed the reading and snuggling, the crafts and activities, and the field trips. The Fall will be busy but we are having a great time!

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