Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Day at the Farm

We spent this beautiful day at a local working farm/county park. We are so lucky to have such great places to go in Western Pennsylvania. This park is open year round with so many animals to see. Admission is free and you can roam at your leisure. We packed a picnic lunch with some good friends and the kids played for a long time at the playground. We then walked around observing (and petting) the horses, chickens, sheep, bunnies, cows, and the donkey. Erin thought the donkey looked sad. Mary love her "lambies." Even Annie squealed with excitement when she saw the cows. Grace must have tucked her sketch pad in her bag when I wasn't looking. It was fun to see sketching the animals! We agreed that we would return in autumn when the leaves change color. It will be so beautiful!

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