Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enjoying the Holiday Craft Shows

I have always enjoyed going to craft shows at our local churches. It is a great way to support the church as well as local crafters and artists. It is also an inexpensive and unique way to decorate your home. Here are some decorations I found recently at a craft show:

Old thread spools . . . the possibilities are endless!
A beautiful Christmas candle:
Handmade candles made from a repurposed tea cup and creamer:
Handmade ornaments made from ribbon boxes and a toy tea set:
Another handmade candle made with an old tin measuring cup:


  1. I really like the handmade ornaments made from ribbon boxes! Also the candle in the cup is cute! I've always wanted to make one of those in a pretty teacup.


  2. Did you make all these things? I just came over from Faith & Family. I've been thinking about making candles...or soaps...do you have a good "recipe" online?

  3. Elisa - I wish I could take credit for these beautiful candles but I bought them at a craft show. I have never tried making candles but I hope to some day! Thanks for stopping by! :)